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Oct. 22nd, 2014 @ 01:02 pm Wednesday Walk Around the Web

  • This week on SmackDown, Cesaro and Ziggler face off just two days before they're set to face off.

  • I was sent the link to this video yesterday, and I don't know any way to describe it that will do justice to its twists, its hilarity, and its amazing aesthetic. If you pick and choose which links you look at each week because you're not interested in lizards or old maps (hey, no hard feelings, you do you), make this one of the ones you click. The video itself takes three and a half minutes to pass you by, but if you're like me it might stay with you for far longer.
  • This Week in Yelp: one-star reviews of US national parks. "Maybe I'm just not a cave man." Finally, someplace the Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer won't be frightened and confused!
  • Sometimes, reality shows go terribly wrong. And so do ex-boyfriends.
  • Machine translation is always a bit of an adventure. Put the lyrics to "Let it Go" through Google Translate several times and you wind up with something that is very nearly completely unlike the original song. Remember, friends: discrimination law is probably the queen. (Link via the ever-friendly Steven Graham.)
  • The White House's first website went up twenty years ago, in the primordial age of the world wide web. Were we ever that young?
  • Oysters, as it turns out, are pretty important.
  • There have been no platinum records in 2014. Singles are still kicking, so at least we can find some new music.
  • Once you have your own stash of Halloween candy free of the prying hands of children, be sure to pair it with the right wine.
  • A "pain scan" would be a great tool for helping people with atypical or unfortunately-stereotyped conditions, and weeding out drug-seekers with something a little more reliable than the level of trust a nurse or doctor happens to feel in any particular moment. But the way there is fraught with difficulties.
  • Professional restaurant reviews, for those of us not likely to be serious about perusing listings for posh restaurants, are valuable more as reading material than actual recommendations, and as reading material they're valuable mainly as a source of schadenfreude, as upscale eateries are rhetorically torn down for their outrageous prices and bourgeois atmospheres. On that level, this review of Beast does not disappoint, with such potent quotables as: "Got any friends who are, say, international drug barons? Excellent. They may be able to afford dinner."
  • Following a transplant of cells from his nasal cavity, a man who was paralyzed man can walk again.
  • These demographic surveys of social networks may upset some typical notions about popular websites being overrun with Kids These Days. (It does show some effects of your parents being on Facebook, though.)
  • Nigeria is Ebola-free. Apparently Senegal is as well. Don't fall into the Ebola panic -- there are hospitals gearing up for an influx of people mistaking flu symptoms for freaking Ebola, which is as good an occasion as any to remind you to instead go to your local pharmacy and get your flu shot if you don't have some condition that makes it unsafe for you. Please.
  • As noted previously in the Wednesday Walk, the secession movement in Scotland recently lost a straight-up election, the closest it's ever come to actually separating from England. What might Europe look like if every separatist movement got its way?
  • Meet malachite, the material that gave us copper.
  • As part of Batman's 75th anniversary celebration, 33 Mexican artists were asked to use the iconic cape and cowl as their canvas. This onomatopoetic interpretation is definitely a highlight.
  • If you're going to bone down with your sweetums in the water, beware of too much suction. And in the wrong places!
  • I dunno, were I locked in a bookstore overnight I might just read a lot. There's time enough at last.
  • For the first time, people are being removed from the no-fly list.
  • A copy of Action Comics #1 was recently sold on eBay for 3.2 million dollars. (One wonders why the owner didn't use another auction company, but you can't argue with the results.) One way it achieved such a high value was by being unnaturally pristine.
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Oct. 20th, 2014 @ 10:49 pm Foos Of The Week
Current Music: Foo Fighters
There was a big hullabaloo over a bunch of foos this week, but sorry Mr. T, these aren't foos we are pitying. These particular foos performed each night for a week on David Letterman's talk show, they also debuted an 8-part mini series on HBO, which was followed by a concert in Chicago that was seen live on the internet.

Here's one song that was performed on Letterman:

Learn how to "fight foo" inside!Collapse )
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Oct. 20th, 2014 @ 04:17 pm Jopetoberfest VI: The Final Chapter (Week Three)
This week pushed me to my breaking point, so I had to mix the schedule up some. Not that you knew what the original schedule was anyway, but there was no way I could watch stuff like Creepozoids or Mountaintop Motel Massacre when even the most innocuous movies have been terrible this week. It wasn't all bad, but it bad enough that I made some changes. Still in the 80s, just different movies that will hopefully be better selections.

The lateness is due to a busy schedule. Also, I had to rush out to pick up a card for Glenn. I know he likes the wrasslin', so I made sure it had his favorite guy on it!

That's a joke son! You're built too low! The fast ones go right over your head!Collapse )
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Hall JC
Oct. 18th, 2014 @ 12:12 pm A Saturday Siesta
Last week I asked you which announced sequel/reboot interested you the most, and you answered Independence Day 2.

  • Box Office News: Gone Girl is gone, girl
  • Trailer Time: Check out new trailers for In the Heart of the Sea, Top Five and more!
  • In Theaters This Week: The Best of Me, The Book of Life and Fury
  • Next Week's Notable DVD Releases: Earth to Echo, The Fluffy Movie, Life After Beth, The Purge: Anarchy, Sex Tape, and Snowpiercer

  • RIP Elizabeth Pena and Misty Upham
  • RIP John Cleese's career
  • Robert Downey, Jr. will return as Iron Man! Captain America 3
  • Apparently the Vacation remake is serving as a platform to reunite the cast of Freaks and Geeks
  • For those of you who enjoyed Pacific Rim, here is the franchise schedule for the next few years
  • Why Brad Bird passed on directing the next Star Wars
  • Your host of the Oscars next year: Doogie

    No poll this week, because I can. Enjoy your weekend!
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    Oct. 15th, 2014 @ 01:22 pm Wednesday Walk Around the web

    • This week on SmackDown: Rollins-Ziggler. Hmm. Hmmmmmmm.

    • The artificial pancreas might be on the way sooner than later, if your biological one just isn't getting the job done.
    • Pointing is an interesting, and varied, practice.
    • Costco baby, please put out a sample or three, for me. (Note: This article includes a link alleging that Penn Jillette takes his dates to the local Costco. What a catch.)
    • This Week in Man's Inhumanity to Man: the US prison system is a horror show for pretty much everyone, but especially sick or disabled prisoners.
    • Also: A woman was abducted by an Uber driver and held for two hours in what the company calls an "inefficient route." So, basically, Uber delenda est, right?
    • The sitcom people are going to dig this: the Carlton is back.
    • We've now been making art for forty thousand years. And because this recent discovery is in Indonesia, it helpfully busts up the assumption that art began in what we now call Europe just because that's the only place we'd found any cave paintings.
    • JOPE is back, with more NOPE. If you actually watch the video, you'll be doing more than I did.
    • This Week in Viking Funerals: fare thee well, Earl Ragnar.
    • There are still quite a few theories tumbling around about Edgar Allan Poe's death.
    • Where did the tradition of mummy stories come from? If you guessed a whole lot of racist antics, you've got it!
    • How to Turn Star Trek Into the Next Marvel Movie Universe. This seems somewhat dubious, though I'd love to see ST back on TV, where it tends to work better.
    • Come to this article for the statistical note that income inequality in the US today is more extreme than it was in the Roman Empire, but stay for the explanation of how Roman inequality is measured.
    • "South Downs litter picker has truck named after him," reports a local news site. That picker, though, is David Sedaris. The local news people apparently found this out the next day.
    • You can pay exorbitant sums of money for props from some of your favorite films on Thursday, if you so wish. They've got some very nice Star Trek concept paintings, if you're looking for a Halloween present for your humble Wednesday Walker.
    • California's foie gras ban is sticking.
    • Captive orcas speak dolphin. They probably have some sort of silly accent.
    • Carrying your Nobel Prize through airport security is such a drag!
    • Running has been wrong in our art for, it seems, pretty much forever.
    • A lot of us are down on the NFL as an organization these days. Domestic violence and other life-changing trauma will do that. But you see so much more from the inside.
    • Don't think you can just switch to other sports, either: there's a fresh doping scandal in the cow milking world championship.
    • You may remember Watson as the terrifying computerized hive-mind that bested many of our finest Jeopardy! warriors some years back. Now, Watson is growing, learning...becoming.
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    Oct. 14th, 2014 @ 07:51 pm Jimmy Of The Week
    Sorry for my tardiness on the Wrestler of the Week post, as I was having a "Weekend Of Jimmys". First was Jimmy Pardo at the local divey/comedy club here in Peoria, which I attended with a few friends. If you get a chance to see him...he says he "hits his 12 favorite clubs each year, and this one!" I wasn't aware of this til last week, but he's the warm-up comedian for the Conan O'Brien show.

    Night 2 of the Weekend was Jimmy Eat World with some of the same group from the night before. It was a VERY VERY good show. If you like their album <i>Futures</i>, that is. Their second set of songs was actually what I was most interested in though, as they were doing a few B-Sides from that album's recording session + a rotating selection of encore tunes. I think we got the best mix from the songs they were shuffling around- "Big Casino", "My Best Theory", "I Will Steal You Back", "Bleed American", "Lucky Denver Mint." Oh, and they closed with "The Middle", for those few who'd care.

    Best part was post-show....MEETING the band.

    JEW + An-Day

    Season 6 Weekly Winners: Paul Heyman, El Torito, Hornswoggle, Seth Rollins, Titty Master Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Kyle O'Reilly, Seth Rollins, Luke Harper, Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose, Stardust (Cody Rhodes), Titty Master Dean Ambrose, AJ "The One With Boobs" Lee, Bull Bronson & Frank Wyatt, Luke Harper, Paul Heyman, John Cena, Mark Henry & Alberto Del Rio, Brock Lesnar, Titty Master Dean Ambrose, Mark Henry, Mark Henry & Gail Kim, Sami Zayn, AJ "The One With Boobs" Lee, Titty Master Dean Ambrose, Titty Master Dean Ambrose
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    Oct. 11th, 2014 @ 09:32 pm Jopetoberfest VI: The Final Chapter (Week Two)
    Limiting this thing to the 80s is making it a lot more enjoyable. Even the bad movies (and there have been a few this week) aren't necessarily unwatchable. Well, one of them was, but that's what happens when you watch a sequel to a movie you didn't like to begin with.

    More movies you've never heard of!Collapse )
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    Hall JC
    Oct. 10th, 2014 @ 08:39 pm Late Night, Come Home, Work Sucks, I Know
    I'm the scapegoat at work this week! So let's take our mind off of things by reading about movie news! Hopefully there's nothing about unnecessary sequels or TV show revivals that makes me even angrier!

    Last week I asked if you planned on watching any of the exclusive Netflix blockbuster movies, and you answered no.

    Should have called this reboot-y week and posted a pic of a booty to upset An-DayCollapse )
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    cWo superstars
    Oct. 8th, 2014 @ 09:18 am Wednesday Walk Around the Web

    • This week on 15 years of SmackDown, we have historical clips!!! AKA whatever Austin clips are available. In good news, Booker T makes his glorious return to commentary.

    • Via Hamatooooo: Next time you get a spam text message, turn it back on the spammer with a vengeance. This works great IF the spammer texting you isn't a bot.
    • How many common myths & misconceptions & portmanteaux of the two have you not busted yet? I did not know that the salted water was bunkum (or, rather, a flavoring technique rather than a heating technique), and I'm fascinated by the Korean fear of fans, since the autumn has to get really cold before I'm broken of my bedside fan habit.
    • The original USS Enterprise shooting model, under the care of the Smithsonian, is being refurbished as part of the process of incorporating it into a larger exhibit. Good; the 1991 paint job is, as they say, not great.
    • Despite whatever you may read, Pluto still isn't a planet. Look, I used to be hung up on this too, but it's just not, and neither is Eris.
    • Via so many people: this weekend was the first one without any Saturday morning cartoons.
    • Endangered or dying languages are pressing and important issues, especially for conquered peoples. The Chickasaw nation is now trying quite desperately to save its language after its use has decreased.
    • Maybe we could stand to be more honest about the games we play.
    • This may be hard to hear, but The Beatles never existed. You've got to go where the evidence takes you! Just look at Paul's eyebrows. Erm, I mean "Paul."
    • History, boy, I don't know: one of the things that spurred wildlife conservation movements was the bird hat fad.
    • Lost is ten years old, so let's try to wash the taste of the finale out of our mouths for a moment and remember it as it was when each of us liked it most, which is probably a different point for each of us (or none at all). Personally, I'll always have my score CDs and my memories of the feeling that the show could do basically anything and make it work, embodied in the dear departed frozen donkey wheel. Carlton Cuse says that it'll inevitably come back, and while I guess I get it on an economic level, in terms of story, no. Just, no.
    • Speaking of things that didn't turn out so great in the end, the Matrix sequels would probably be much improved with 8-bit soundtracks.
    • One writer theorizes that most citizens of the Star Wars universe are functionally illiterate, though he needs to assume a lot of things to get there.
    • There's a new series of James Bond comics coming in the new year.
    • It's looking quite a lot like the dude from 7th Heaven and Star Trek I is a child rapist.
    • The history of baseball has quite a lot of Jews in it, spanning MLB as well as the Negro Leagues.
    • When you set out to make a comprehensive database of police murders, one thing you learn is that a lot of people don't want there to be one.
    • One 89-year-old World War II veteran stayed in touch with his Scandinavian roots and received a true Viking funeral.
    • It's pretty easy to give Shakespeare's tragedies happy endings, kind of like how the true solution to any love triangle is polyamory. (Perhaps this isn't far removed from looking at the star of a tragedy and saying "Well hell, just stop having your tragic flaw!" Buck up, Hamlet! Calm the hell down, Mr. and Mrs. Macbeth! Stop being the cruel pawn of fate, Oedipus!)
    • There's a custom-made RNA sequence that can edit the DNA of HIV out of human cells. HIV/AIDS treatments are getting better all the time.
    • A lot of people reading this probably have huge student loan debt, either as a terrifying force looming on the horizon or a terrifying force grinding people into the dirt right now. In the US, the best thing we've managed to accomplish lately has been Occupy buying up debt and eliminating it. Meanwhile, in Germany, there is no longer such a thing as college tuition.
    • We all know bats use clicks for echolocation, but there's a little more to bats than that.
    • In the US, thirty percent of us don't drink. The top ten percent, though, have more than ten drinks per day. If you go deeper than that, to the top five percent or one percent, you can imagine the numbers some serious alcoholics must be putting up.
    • The NFL will now test for HGH. I'm sure the use and application of this policy will be entirely above reproach.
    • John Williams is starting to work on the next Star Wars movie in two weeks. So no matter what else happens, at least there'll be that.
    • Set your table right this Halloween (or Thanksgiving, or birthday, or whatever) with the patches-of-flesh tablecloth!
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    Oct. 6th, 2014 @ 10:46 pm The HEY NOW of The Week!
    I just wanted to throw in a random clip since it's my column and YOU WILL LIKE IT!

    Season 6 Weekly Winners: Paul Heyman, El Torito, Hornswoggle, Seth Rollins, Titty Master Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Kyle O'Reilly, Seth Rollins, Luke Harper, Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose, Stardust (Cody Rhodes), Titty Master Dean Ambrose, AJ "The One With Boobs" Lee, Bull Bronson & Frank Wyatt, Luke Harper, Paul Heyman, John Cena, Mark Henry & Alberto Del Rio, Brock Lesnar, Titty Master Dean Ambrose, Mark Henry, Mark Henry & Gail Kim, Sami Zayn, AJ "The One With Boobs" Lee, Dean Ambrose

    The Sinister Six: An-Day, the always reliable Overcommitter, jAWAS, Jeditab, Brothers Bun

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    Oct. 4th, 2014 @ 09:22 pm Jopetoberfest VI: The Final Chapter (Week One)
    Yes, I've decided that this will be the last year of Jopetoberfest. It could come back, that is the nature of the horror genre. Maybe I'll remake year one and rewatch all of those movies (yeah, right). But if I'm going to end this, I'm going to do it by having an (almost) all 80s edition! 28 movies this month are from the best decade ever, followed by three notorious exploitation movies from the 1970s. Sound good?

    Well it'd better, because that's what happeningCollapse )
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    Hall JC
    Oct. 3rd, 2014 @ 07:57 pm Super Smash Brothers: Fiesta
    Welcome to the first Fiesta in two weeks... last week I had the WEEK FROM HELL, running on roughly 10 hours of sleep the entire week. I could have, and should have, written a Fiesta, but decided to be lazy and chose not to. So enjoy TWICE the film news this week as I half-ass this one so I can play the new Super Smash Brothers game! And also attend the Austin Comic Con.

    Two weeks ago I asked you if you would watch the planned reboot of I Know What You Did Last Summer, and you answered meh.

    Falcon KickCollapse )
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    Oct. 1st, 2014 @ 10:20 am Wednesday Walk Around the Web

    • This week on SmackDown, the dark matches are NXT-riffic once again, and Big Show engages in international diplomacy.

    • The Jacksonville Jaguars, a team you might not think is in a great position to make demands of its ticket holders, sent them a letter warning against the terror of excessive standing at games.
    • Street art can be absolutely delightful.
    • A good gravity simulator is an entire afternoon's entertainment.
    • In honor of the dawning of the year 5775, Buzzfeed got a bunch of goyim to try Jewish food (Ashkenazi specifically) for the first time. Let it be known: anyone criticizing a well-made matzah ball soup or noodle kugel is INCORRECT and WILL NOT BE LISTENED TO. (I'll not totally throw my lot in with gefilte fish; in my house we only ever had it in the middle of the seder while Dad was busy carving the turkey. Throw a little horseradish onto it and it's not bad, though.)
    • Finally, someone made Harry Potter good. Get that lady a film deal!
    • The Greek mythos has received its most faithful translation yet.
    • It may be getting cold where you live. (It may be getting cold where you love.) (It may be getting cold where you get Luvs.) Prepare for the wintry chill with hot beef drinks. Now with the concentrated essence of pure beef!
    • More plants can be carnivores than you might think. The world is a dark, dank, dangerous place with plants and insects and people coming for you. Sorry.
    • Speaking of horrifying plants, England's Alnwick Garden holds a menagerie of life-threatening plants, cultivated for the amusement of the aristocracy. The following is a real excerpt from a real news article: "Whether a plant kills with pleasure or with pain, visitors can count on walking away from the Poison Garden with an entertaining anecdote. 'Most plants that kill are quite interesting,' says the duchess." And when ever shall you be returning to Gotham, Duchess Isley??
    • Via The Tab-Man: Steven Soderbergh made a cut of Raiders of the Lost Ark in black and white to highlight some of its filmmaking techniques.
    • Also via TABTRON 5000: Groundhog Day is one of our favorite films, but it came at a price.
    • A fisherman in Chesapeake Bay happened to find evidence that ancient humans must have been in North America far earlier than previously thought.
    • Ol' Blue Eyes can have a drink in the grave, and Tony Curtis can give you a call. Swell!
    • The sixties knew about meme captioning way before we did.
    • Halloween is coming up, so consult this handy flowchart to help choose a costume.
    • Learn a little about guillotines. This information may be important to you later.
    • There have been more than a hundred sexual assault allegations & cases in college football since the 1970's.
    • Charity Johnson spent years and years pretending to be a teenager to get love and attention from parental figures. Well. It's an understandable motive.
    • This Week in Music: The Bus Is Late.
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    Sep. 29th, 2014 @ 10:58 pm The Late Show Of The Week, Starring Andy Savage


    So on Saturday, two of our stations hosted an outdoor concert with Blues Traveler, Gin Blossoms, and Rusted Root. The guy in red shorts (Doc) was hammered and was supposed to do the stage intro for Blues Traveler... and he kept hollering backstage for "Savage!" to join him on stage. So my co-worker Tim and I followed him up; Doc did some drunken rambling and then I think we started clapping... before Tim made the save and did the proper announcement.

    Doc then peed on the ground backstage.

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    Sep. 24th, 2014 @ 09:26 am Wednesday Walk Around the Web

    • This week on SmackDown, 411 has a crappy new site design, and the person writing in about the show doubts the locality of the jobber. Also, Miz has a bone to pick with Dean Ambrose. That's a pair I'd love to see have a PPV series eventually.

    • Allow me a quick Ferguson update. More than 40 days after murdering Mike Brown, Darren Wilson has received several paychecks and no indictments or arrest warrants. The streetside memorial to Mike Brown was set on fire a couple nights ago; scroll down for a neat photo of some cops standing around watching it burn. And this goes on.
    • How many of your favorite authors and other luminaries hooked up with each other at some point? See the chart to trace the sensual connections from Walt Whitman to Virginia Woolf, from Oscar wilde to Marlon Brando, from Bram Stoker to Marilyn Monroe.
    • Wake Forest's big recruiting gimmick is photoshopping magazine covers to feature children with celebrities. Because Selena Gomez is your reward for playing football. Uh huh.
    • A ninth-grader's science-fair project greatly simplifies laparoscopic surgery. Well done, kid!
    • This week is bisexual awareness week. So I hope you're aware.
    • If you haven't read ESPN's report on how deep the rabbit-hole of horror goes with the Ravens organization, steady yourself and give it a go. Amazingly, it almost makes team management look even worse than the violent domestic abuser.
    • Last week, Scotland voted against declaring independence; the dreams of a thousand dreamers died that day. Scotland still gets something out of it, though. (Incidentally, a completely informal (in the best way) Grindr poll predicted the result with a 54-46 split, which turned out to be accurate within one percentage point.)
    • Hear Marvin Gaye's fabulous, fabulous voice more clearly when it's on its own.
    • We finally really did it. You Maniacs! You built a robotic Vince McMahon! Ahhhhhh, damn you! Damn you all to hell! IN A CELLLLLL!
    • Some dude named Brad provides what he feels is the best sports moment of 2014. While I have a soft spot for Charlotte Kalla's finish in the relay race at the Olympics, an argument can be made. (This video doesn't quite do justice to Kalla; it's from her home country, but the English commentary on NBCSN was thrilling in its own right.)
    • Time is a flat circle. U2 has done all this before, and U2 will do all this again.
    • We live in advanced times. We live in a time when any of the iconic photographs of history can be recreated using John Malkovich.
    • Every life is a pile of good things and bad things, and Vincent Van Gogh's pile may have been a bit different than previously suspected: biographers are now claiming that he didn't kill himself, that he was merely covering for the horrible accident of some children.
    • The current crop of massively popular dystopias may not be the best idea.
    • This Week in Excellent Headlines: Randy Eurasians Surprise Scientists with Ancient Sex Romp.
    • This Week in Excellent Lede Paragraphs: "Ghostbusters is the best comedy ever made about the limits of the Lovecraftian worldview."
    • Imagine some popular old-timey comic-strip characters (many of which are still in our newspapers today). Then imagine their artists drawing them blindfolded. Some are unrecognizable, while some are remarkably close. Dagwood takes on a delightful Hirschfeld-like caricature style.
    • Reporting on the Times is a documentary about the New York Times minimizing and/or turning away from the Holocaust as it happened. As with pretty much any examination of people's behavior during the Holocaust, it's pretty damning.
    • Biological dark matter is inside you, and we don't yet know what it wants. Have a nice day!
    • We've reached the twentieth anniversary of The Shawshank Redemption, one of the greatest of films (no matter what some people on a website say).
    • The 2014 Ig Nobel Prize winners have been decided, including some serious research as to the probability of slipping on a banana peel, "whether it is mentally hazardous for a human being to own a cat," the psychology of staying up late, the neuroscience behind people projecting their imaginations onto toast, and the use of bacon to treat nosebleeds. You know, friends, I've had a whole lot of nosebleeds in my day, but I never tried packing my nose with bacon; I typically opted to use something more absorbent, or to simply drip into a nearby wastepaper basket for a while. (I was such a popular teen!!)
    • This Week in Music: "99 Red Balloons," played on actual red balloons.
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    Sep. 23rd, 2014 @ 12:00 am A Walk Amongst The WOTW
    My boss at the radio stations sent out an email today, stating that the Michael Buffer phrase "Let's Get Ready To Rumble, is actually trademarked by him. In order to use it for any public broadcast, you must have consent from Michael Buffer. What kinda shit is that? My buddy was suggesting to use something else in place of "Rumble."


    Season 6 Weekly Winners: Paul Heyman, El Torito, Hornswoggle, Seth Rollins, Titty Master Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Kyle O'Reilly, Seth Rollins, Luke Harper, Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose, Stardust (Cody Rhodes), Titty Master Dean Ambrose, AJ "The One With Boobs" Lee, Bull Bronson & Frank Wyatt, Luke Harper, Paul Heyman, John Cena, Mark Henry & Alberto Del Rio, Brock Lesnar, Titty Master Dean Ambrose, Mark Henry, Mark Henry & Gail Kim, Sami Zayn

    Our weekly voters are: Overcommitter, HMC, Brothers Bun, Jawas, Travis

    Let's Get Ready to RUM-CHATACollapse )
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    Sep. 19th, 2014 @ 01:58 pm Free Talk Friday Film Fiesta
    Welcome to the Fiesta! Still not sure what happened with the coding last week, but thanks to Good Guy Gatekeeper Glenn for taking time to work his magic. Either way, I have no idea what to talk about this week, so let's dub this Free Talk Friday!

    I'm looking for information on what to do at a Comic Con. I found out this week I'll be getting a press pass for Austin Comic Con through work, and I'm at a loss for what to do once I'm there. Do I cosplay? Do I buy stuff? All I've seen is the list of guests, and I'm bummed because I wanted to get a picture with Alfonso Ribiera, but he had to cancel. Guess I'll have to settle for getting a picture with either Sean Astin or the Undertaker.

    Last week I asked you if you were interested in Bill Murray's proposed all-female Ghostbusters, and you answered NO.

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    Sep. 17th, 2014 @ 09:09 am Wednesday Walk Around the Web

    • This week on SmackDown, big Show finds common cause with some new compatriots.
    • This week in TNA, a debut! Sadly, from the looks of it he's going to be doing another stupid, boring monster heel run; TNA can't grab a cheap piece of disco or something? Work with me here!

    • We can do better, as a civilization. We can support our power lines in style.
    • Geography in Louisiana is more complicated than you'd think.
    • The Scottish sent whiskey into space three years ago to see if the flavor would be affected. Now it's back, to let you know, it can really shake 'em down.
    • When you send your genetic code to testing agencies, you may get more information back than you expect.
    • Don't be alarmed, but if you're a fan of red meat, do try to stay away from the Lone Star tick.
    • Jason Krowe wants us all to get a case of Surge once it's available again. Wednesday Walk Top Tip: don't mix your Amazon Surge with your Space Whiskey. Just don't.
    • This Week in Things I Need on My Walls: NASA mission art.
    • We're used to thinking of internet trolls as frothing-mad loners, with nothing going on in their lives except the thrill of making someone else's unpleasant. Sometimes reality is even worse.
    • Always link to stories about Phineas Gage, the man who took a rod through the head and, in so doing, became a hey-uuge neuroscientific test case.
    • In the grand return of Willie Nelson News, ol' Willie demonstrates some card tricks.
    • Are Broncos fans really still so mad at Phil Simms over the Super Bowl?
    • Friends, we have literary socks. Oh yes.
    • "Each of my few friends, and my daughters and my brother and my nephew--all of them have dozens of friends they’re closer to than they are to me." Wait, there're people with dozens of people they're close to in some manner? Lots of people? Dozens? Welp.
    • Sure, go ahead, put a little more beefcake in comics. Something for the gents!
    • Sometimes, we humans go ahead and build crap in places where it screws with the other local residents. Not a problem, say the humans, we'll just innovate the hell out of that and build a fish cannon. Because that's what we do.
    • Another thing we innovate the hell out of is sorting through literary collections algorithmically -- in this case, finding haikus in US Supreme Court decisions. And here I saw "poetry in Supreme Court decisions" and thought it'd be a West Wing fansite.
    • It's been ten years since The Drew Carey Show wrapped up, and we still don't have a definitive answer as to why it branched out in so many strange and wonderful directions toward the end.
    • If you screw up something big and important at work, I'm sorry. Just remember that you're probably not having as bad a day as this person.
    • Dreadnoughtus schrani is now the largest known land dinosaur. They just don't make them like they used to.
    • Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooops, historical edition! If you haven't seen the video of the Gallopin' Gertie bridge, it really is scary.
    • Get some perspective not only on how your bones fit together, but how they move together, with x-ray gifs.
    • Mario is, as many of us have known for some time, a jerk.
    • This week in Music Recommendations: John Murphy's Anonymous Rejected Filmscore, an album of heavily-reworked music Murphy composed for an legally-anonymous film sometime in the past. My personal favorite pieces include How to Leave Your Body and Dead Ballerina; really do buy it if you can.
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    Sep. 15th, 2014 @ 10:35 pm WRESTLER OF THE *BY GAWD* WEEK
    So while I was watching the Bears game last night at a friend's place, he asked me about the WWE Network. I didn't know he was such an old-school WWF fan, so we talked about botched promos and funny segments. It got me really reminiscing and showing him the Sid "WHHHYYYYY MEEEEEE" clips and Luger freaking out about tight t-shirts and SUPERBRAWL SATURDAY. The night before, I was at a different friend's house watching MST3K and I brought up Jim Ross commentary. He showed me this:

    Season 6 Weekly Winners: Paul Heyman, El Torito, Hornswoggle, Seth Rollins, Titty Master Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Kyle O'Reilly, Seth Rollins, Luke Harper, Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose, Stardust (Cody Rhodes), Titty Master Dean Ambrose, AJ "The One With Boobs" Lee, Bull Bronson & Frank Wyatt, Luke Harper, Paul Heyman, John Cena, Mark Henry & Alberto Del Rio, Brock Lesnar, Titty Master Dean Ambrose, Mark Henry, Mark Henry & Gail Kim

    Our weekly voters are: An-Day, Overcommitter, HMC, Brothers Bun, Steve, Jope

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    Sep. 13th, 2014 @ 01:36 am Friday Film Fiesta
    Welcome to another week of the Fiesta! I am currently putting the finishing touches on this column from a high school football press box while the game is under a weather delay. This is the second week in a row, making what is already a miserable season of coverage even worse.

    If anyone wants an Andy-esque rant, I would be more than happy to oblige!

    TWO weeks ago, I asked you what your favorite year on the Blog of Doom was, and you answered 2009.

    LAST WEEK, I asked you what you want to see more of in the Fiesta going forward, and the answer was movie/Hollywood news.

    And scantily clad women you shall get!Collapse )
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    Sep. 10th, 2014 @ 09:43 am Wednesday Walk Around the Web

    • This week on SmackDown: arm wrestling! Also: foot wrestling! Head wrestling! Okay, there are people wrestling with pretty much their entire bodies.

    • Breaking Madden, the glorious deconstruction of football, the Madden series, and life itself, is back for another season. Sadly it appears to be posted right after the Walk, so any further updates would be old and crusty (like the selection for last week's post seems after the game...ooph), but do check back there each week for new installments.
    • The name of the process by which rivers form intricate, winding paths is river meandering, which brings a lovely image to mind.
    • This Week in Making Art Using Everything: Skeletons! Or skeleton-like products, really, but still. Skeletons!
    • If the human race disappears, many of our geostationary satellites could last into the far, far future. This is one of those out-there sci-fi concepts that may not be so out there. If we die off and another sapient species evolves, would they think the satellites came from another species from their same planet, or an intelligence from an alien world? (Or some god or another.) Could their senses be similar enough to our own that they'd be able to recognize the cameras on, for instance, spy satellites? What role would the stationary points of light play in their constellations in the millennia before they become space-faring?
    • In the US, our grocery shopping may be getting more conglomerated, but it's still fairly regional.
    • Scoragami is the art of producing never-before-seen NFL scores, and the Seahawks have become masters at it.
    • You may have heard a lot this week about Jack the Ripper being identified, at last, after all this time. Well...not so much, it seems. And maybe Jack himself isn't really the point.
    • We've been making art for a long, long time, basically forever for any functional definition of "we."
    • Despite what astronomers from History Times might tell you, there are not fifty billion Venusians.
    • Yelp extorts small businesses by charging them to display positive reviews, in case you were thinking of using Yelp. (And sure, it's legal to be a big ol' jerkwad.)
    • Homicide: Life on the Street was somewhat underappreciated in its time and doesn't deserve to be so obscure today.
    • Karl Lagerfeld's cat, Choupette, is soon to have a makeup collection.
    • Diggin' in the Carts is a series exploring the history of Japanese video game music.
    • What happens when a volcano erupts under a glacier?
    • If you're ever unclear on which theory of time travel a movie/show/book is using, try this handy guide.
    • The next leap in hard drive capacity may be close.
    • IBM's 1937 corporate songbook (another phrase that I never thought I'd get to type all at once) is somewhat glorious.
    • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has a long and winding story behind it.
    • Pop sonnets just don't get old.
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    Sep. 8th, 2014 @ 09:53 pm WEEK TWENTY-TWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    Shit, I can't believe it's September already. It's almost Fall! Where has the year gone?? But hey, at least it means Halloween is around the corner and it's time for AMC's FearFest... and another Jopetoberfest???

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I already smell the burning leaves too. Well, it's better than burning flesh.


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    Sep. 5th, 2014 @ 12:54 pm Third Anniversary Fiesta Fiesta
    Three years already? Yes, on the Friday after Labor Day in 2011, the Friday Film Fiesta was revived, with me as your host! And it was all because I wanted to talk about how dumb the then-rumored Stretch Armstrong movie starring Taylor Lautner was!

    Whatever happened to that movie anyway? Ah, canceled in January 2012.

    Anyway, in these last three years we have seen effort and enthusiasm fly out the window, boobs, April Fools pranks, Friday Film FiGUESTas, wrestling references, more boobs, hashtags, people leaving the Blog forever, Wet Dream t-shirts, a lengthy hiatus in the fall of 2012, female butts, a feud with Jope, and maybe some movie news in between all of this "action"!

    What will the next three years bring? What will the next year alone bring? ONLY ONE WAY TO FIND OUT!

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    Hall JC
    Sep. 3rd, 2014 @ 09:12 am Wednesday Walk Around the Web

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    Sep. 1st, 2014 @ 11:41 pm WOTW: Hastily Compiled Edition

    Anyone remember 90's band Brother Cane? I bet JAWAS does. Well their lead singer/guitarist, Damon Johnson, has played with Thin Lizzy and Alice Cooper in the years since Brother Cane called it a day. I saw him perform acoustic in Peoria on Friday and he was pretty damn good. He played solo stuff, Brother Cane, Thin Lizzy, Black Star Riders, and even a Cooper song for me... that is when I shouted out, "play Alice Cooper", like the jerk I am.

    Season 6 Weekly Winners:
    Paul Heyman, El Torito, Hornswoggle, Seth Rollins, Titty Master Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Kyle O'Reilly, Seth Rollins, Luke Harper, Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose, Stardust (Cody Rhodes), Titty Master Dean Ambrose, AJ "The One With Boobs" Lee, Bull Bronson & Frank Wyatt, Luke Harper, Paul Heyman, John Cena, Mark Henry & Alberto Del Rio, Brock Lesnar, Titty Master Dean Ambrose

    Our weekly voters are: Glennie, Scott, HMC, Jawas, Overcommitter, and Ponch!

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