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Jul. 30th, 2014 @ 10:31 am Wednesday Walk Around the Web

  • This week on SmackDown, Swagger faces Cesaro again, and Randy Orton has something to say.

  • An HIV-killing condom may be available in Australia soon.
  • More on HIV: it's theoretically possible to use RNA to edit out parts of an infected person's genome.
  • Cut paper art is intricate, delicate, and beautiful.
  • This Week in Crowdfunding Initiatives: we could potentially buy eleven Pennsylvania bridges and brand them however we like.
  • One hazard of paddling out to see the whales is that you might get temporarily stranded on a whale.
  • If you're looking for the Cryptkeeper's diminutive great-uncle, apparently you need to look in an antique store in Maine.
  • If you have a phobia that can ruin an evening (or more) if you see it in a movie, or know someone who does, Phobias at the Movies is putting together a database you can consult.
  • Hey, whatcha thinking about Bane? "Oh, I can’t stop thinking about Bruce, wondering where he could be, who he is with, what is he thinking, is he thinking of me, and whether he’ll ever return someday."
  • Thousands of KGB documents are now available for viewing online, in case you want to look up whether the shady neighbor you had when you were growing up really was a malicious interloper.
  • PONCH obviously doesn't want any of us to be able to sleep ever again, for he's releasing a massive cloud of mayflies from his stronghold in Wisconsin to come after us all. Great. Thanks.
  • Jope once again brings the Nope, as he wants you to know about this lovingly-crafted portrayal of a very uncomfortable place. (Like the back of a Volkswagon?)
  • Last week I showed you had books on posters. This week, behold some imaginative books on books.
  • Hey, tri-state sports fans! With Mike and the Soundboard you can have your very own meeting of the minds with Mike Francesa! Go ahead, talk sports, go at it as hard as you can.
  • I never read the Star Wars EU -- I was always a Trek book kid when it came to tie-ins -- but this level of devotion about tie-in novel covers has got to be admired.
  • Lawns are utter crap; this becomes especially apparent during water shortages.
  • Take a couple photos from the surface of Mars of its moon Phobos crossing in front of the sun, put two of those photos side by side, and what you get is googly eyes.
  • This Week in the Black Death...welp, that's an unfortunate thing to type. In northern china, quarantine procedures are being put in place after a man died of the bubonic plague.
  • Sometimes you might like to think things are going to be okay. Sometimes you might like to think we as a society can figure things out, move forward, make real progress. Then you're reminded that the third-pound hamburger failed because people can't figure out fractions.
  • Astronomers recently found an exoplanet with a much longer year than most planets we've found so far.
  • MIT researchers propose new algorithms to optimize traffic light cycles. I wonder what sorts of bureaucracies you have to get through to change the programming on traffic lights.
  • Under ideal circumstances, you don't want to have to have brain surgery. I hope that's not controversial. But if the road ahead of you leads that way, you might as well have to do it because of metal.
  • One intrepid designer looked at parking signs that require you to read a lot of text from your car, found them wanting, and designed a new signage system that you could not possibly read from your car.
  • This Week in Dramatic Readings: The Beyoncelogues.
  • While she was pregnant, cartoonist Lauren Weinstein and her husband went through an agonizing wait to see if their potential child would have cystic fibrosis.
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Jul. 28th, 2014 @ 11:38 pm WOTW: Open Til Midnight Or Later

Season 6 Weekly Winners: Paul Heyman, El Torito, Hornswoggle, Seth Rollins, Titty Master Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Kyle O'Reilly, Seth Rollins, Luke Harper, Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose, Stardust (Cody Rhodes), Titty Master Dean Ambrose, AJ "The One With Boobs" Lee, Bull Bronson & Frank Wyatt, Luke Harper

This week's participants: Overcommitter, jAWAs, JediTAB, Glennie, Scott, HMC, An-Day

No intro this week so let's get right to the good stuff!Collapse )

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Jul. 25th, 2014 @ 04:09 pm Let's Get Comical!
San Diego Comic Con is here! That means it's the time of year where we get lots of updates on sci-fi movies and other stuff coming to us over the next year. It's also the time where companies offer exclusive, limited production merchandise that can only be obtained at the show, like this exclusive LEGO 1960's Batmobile! If you're lucky enough to be at the show AND lucky enough to hold a winning raffle ticket, enjoy your purchase! If not, screw you, loyal customer!

Last week I didn't ask you anything.

Did anybody even read my Let's Get Comical columns?Collapse )
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Jul. 23rd, 2014 @ 08:56 am Wednesday Walk Around the Web

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Jul. 21st, 2014 @ 07:11 pm WOTW: WEEK XV

My friend's son wanted me to come over for BATTLEGROUND. We had an action figure Royal Rumble before the show, which Rey Mysterio won and thus earns a title shot against Chavo Guerrero, who's his World Champion. LOL. Kids. :-?

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Jul. 19th, 2014 @ 03:58 pm Fiesta
From the annals of "Stuff comes up combining with laziness," here is what I had previously wrote of this week's Fiesta!

Last week I was going to ask you if you were a fan of the newer overpriced movie theaters, but the LiveJournal wouldn't format the code for some reason.

  • Box Office News: Moviegoers LOVE every ape, from Chimpan-A to Chimpan-Z
  • Trailer Time: Check out new trailers for Laggies, The Prince and more!
  • In Theaters This Week: Planes: Fire and Rescue, The Purge: Anarchy and Sex Tape
  • Next Week's Notable DVD Releases: Heaven is For Real, Sabotage, Transcendence and Tyler Perry's Single Moms Club

  • Entertainment Weekly has our first look at Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • Speaking of Marvel, the list of Guardians cameos has been confirmed (SPOILERS)
  • Ron Howard's next project will be about The Beatles' early days
  • The Universal Monsters are being rebooted with a new cinematic universe
  • The new Power Rangers movie will be written by the writers of X-Men: First Class
  • Speaking of writers, one of the guys behind the terrible new Spider-Man flicks is on his way out, and apparently the franchise is in jeopardy now?
  • The end is ever so near
  • Don't get your hopes up for a third Hellboy movie
  • Road House: So bad it's good

    No poll again this week. Enjoy your weekend!
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    Jul. 16th, 2014 @ 09:13 am Wednesday Walk Around the Web

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    Jul. 14th, 2014 @ 07:34 pm Battle for the Wrester of the Week!
    Current Music: Badlands

    I'm drawing a blank on an intro for this week, so here's a song I have been playing a LOT lately. Bluesy rock n roll from Jake E. Lee and his old band Badlands, if anyone cares to listen.

    Season 6 Weekly Winners: Paul Heyman, El Torito, Hornswoggle, Seth Rollins, Titty Master Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Kyle O'Reilly, Seth Rollins, Luke Harper, Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose, Stardust (Cody Rhodes), Titty Master Dean Ambrose, AJ "The One With Boobs" Lee

    This week's chimps: Overcommitter, An-Day, Jope, Travis, HMC, and the Dynamic Duo of Glennie & Scott!

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    Jul. 11th, 2014 @ 04:23 pm Hail to the Chimp
    Welcome to a Fiesta that's about to go bananas! Hopefully you won't see it as a big pile of poo thrown at a wall!

    Last week I asked you nothing, because I can.

    That's what he gets for not Hailing to the ChimpCollapse )
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    Jul. 9th, 2014 @ 09:10 am Wednesday Walk Around the Web

    • This week on SmackDown, does Heath Slater have a new partner?

    • Finally, we've solved the conundrum of self-sustaining awesomeness.
    • Sally Ride was awesome, and smart, and brave, and is still missed. ("Is 100 the right number?" was a question from NASA engineers while preparing a supply of tampons for a one-week shuttle mission, because despite being actual real-life rocket scientists, they were still dudes.)
    • [Warning: Buzzfeed] This is what the internet was made for: Shakespearean lines (mostly his fantastic insults) delivered by cats.
    • Cliff Denton is a putter, for he is a putter-togetherer of scissors.
    • Repeating something to yourself over and over again can inculcate it in your mind. Hell, it works for advertising slogans, and it's the reason you shouldn't follow any minor setback with a plaintive "I cannot do a single thing correctly on this blasted planet," self. One man decided that as long as he has to keep entering (and changing) his password at work, he might as well use slogans to better his life. (Do excuse the inspirational-speaker tone.)
    • We can make everything better, with technology. We can make a better oven.
    • A new study suggests that what we thought were the top candidates for habitable planets in another solar system actually don't quite exist. And science moves on.
    • Aliens are pretty considerate -- they wait until after work hours to drop in on us. Imagine that.
    • Ancient humans were likely hunted by eagles that would pick them up by the eye sockets. Radiolab recently did a really engaging episode about this and the human skull at the center of the study.
    • If you ever wanted to know information about the great nation of Canada that can be put on a map, Maclean's has it for you.
    • In Colombia, locals are having issues with Pablo Escobar's wild hippos, which is one of those phrases you just wish you get to use seriously someday. Bless.
    • Human beings are very, very bad at properly assessing risk. But that doesn't help me figure out how to avoid getting caught in a bank robbery!
    • A mall in Bangkok was shut down in 1997 due to various factors, including a fire that destroyed its roof. When rainwater filled the building, resulting in a massive mosquito infestation, what better (and cooler) option do you have than to fill the mall with fish to eat the mosquitoes?
    • A shawarma place recently closed, because the owner needs to focus more on his aerospace engineering career. Priorities, you know.
    • Some intrepid soul put together a history of those stupid "peeing Calvin" stickers.
    • Warren G. Harding wrote some steamy, steamy letters when he was in the Senate. Also, if you want to know warren G. Harding's nicknames for his and his mistress' genitals, the wednesday Walk is here for you, friend!
    • If you've been to a fireworks display recently -- no idea why you would -- hopefully it was at least a big one.
    • The Fukushima nuclear plant (damaged by an earthquake and tsunami in 2011, if you don't recall) is still in a precarious state, and still kind of a disaster.
    • The pinky is an under-appreciated finger. We use it mostly as a shelf, which isn't all that far off from our ancient ancestors.
    • A local TV station in Delaware has submitted to the FCC a list of programs that address issues of importance to the community, including Star Trek. I buy it. Their episode list isn't bad, too, though it could use "Balance of Terror" and "The Devil in the Dark" for some bonus social responsibility.
    • For hetero couples on a budget, take a moment to consider: vasectomies are way cheaper than tube-tying.
    • Okay, I guess I should address the potato salad Kickstarter. It is a sci-fi villain. It is one face of cynical irony, wearing a grin. It is, much like the Penny Arcade Kickstarter, embarrassing for every actual cool and/or socially useful thing on the site, yet I almost wish I'd thought of it.
    • According to the Indiana State Board of Health, we're all in trouble.
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    Jul. 7th, 2014 @ 09:52 pm Conquest Of The Wrestler Of The Week
    Come on guys!! A lot of people seemed to praise this last episode of Monday Night Raw, yet only 6 of us voted?? That's barely more than our minimum of 4 voters. The rest of you will be banished to the Forbidden Zone.


    This week's voters: Overcommitter, An-Day, JediTAB, Hitmanclark, Glennie, Scott

    Season 6 Weekly Winners: Paul Heyman, El Torito, Hornswoggle, Seth Rollins, Titty Master Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Kyle O'Reilly, Seth Rollins, Luke Harper, Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose, Stardust (Cody Rhodes), Titty Master Dean Ambrose

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    Jul. 4th, 2014 @ 12:45 pm Friday 4th Fiesta
    Good morning. In less than an hour, bloggers from here will join others from around the world. And you will be launching the largest online discussion in the history of mankind. "Mankind." That word should have new meaning for all of us today. We can't be consumed by our petty differences any more. We will be united in our common interests. Perhaps it's fate that today is the Fourth of July, and you will once again be fighting for our freedom--not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution, but from boring conversations. We are fighting for our right to think. To exist. And should we win the day, the Fourth of July will no longer be known as an American holiday, but as the day the blog declared in one voice: We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on! We're going to survive! Today we celebrate the 1996 film Independence Day!

    Last week I asked you if TV shows were better than movies now, and you answered Yes.

    WARNING AN-DAY: Pics of females to followCollapse )
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    Jul. 2nd, 2014 @ 08:42 am Wednesday Walk Around the web

    • This week on SmackDown, I hear Lana and Alexander Rusev don't like the US very much.

    • Learn your sci-fi etymology. There will be a test later. You'll never know where, and you'll never know when. But it's coming.
    • Vacuum tubes may make a surprising comeback.
    • The Harappan civilization, which thrived in the Indus River valley for two thousand years, seems to have done so without engaging in wars. Even at the end of their civilization, what archaeologists have discovered doesn't point to anything more grandiose than gang violence.
    • Diamonds, in the sky.
    • Professor PONCH shared the story of a professional runner who competed while eight months pregnant. "I did all the things I normally do. I just happened to be pregnant." Truly, an inspiration.
    • Google Maps has run into trouble with disputed territories before. Now, depending on where you're viewing the site, Google can show you what you want to see.
    • This Week in Real Things in the World: The Met is home to a lyre made out of a human skull and antelope horns, which, sadly, is not currently being displayed. Is there a more metal instrument? I submit that there is not.
    • The most definitive way of determining what ancient humans ate is to find some of their feces.
    • Facebook is already shady as hell, but it keeps getting shadier.
    • KROOOOOOOOWE wants you to keep your pants zipped, tightly. And maybe put your kid in a straight jacket? And so does Hulk Hogan??
    • This Week in Video Games: imagine the calm, peaceful experience of being a rock.
    • The fallout zone around Chernobyl has become a refuge for wildlife, because the radiation is less harmful to the animals than humans are.
    • Here, have a gallery of Storm shutting Wolverine down. Use it for whatever purposes seem best.
    • This Week in Things Considered Dangerous in History Times: chess.
    • There are some updates in the world of suspended animation. Fun Fact: at the beginning of my middle-school health class, the teacher went around the roomand asked everyone what health-related subjects we wanted to talk about. I proposed a course on cryogenic suspension.
    • The Red Cross received $300 million in donations following Sandy, but where & how it spent that money is still unclear.
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    Jun. 30th, 2014 @ 08:24 pm WEEK 12: The Age of Extinction
    Who's that jumping out the sky??


    Maybe I can participate in the 2015 Money In The Bank Ladder Match... but probably not.

    This week's voters: Overcommitter, Little Steve, Big Steve, JediTARD, K-Mo, Glenn, Scott

    Season 6 Weekly Winners: Paul Heyman, El Torito, Hornswoggle, Seth Rollins, Titty Master Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Kyle O'Reilly, Seth Rollins, Luke Harper, Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose, Stardust (Cody Rhodes)

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    Jun. 27th, 2014 @ 02:49 pm Week 3 Without a Pic of a Half Naked Chick
    For some reason I want to buy a New Japan Lion Mark shirt and be a hipster wearing it around since I know nothing about puro. At least Andy would have something new to make fun of. Anyway, I was attempting to navigate the NJPW online store, which is in Japanese. They have some... odd merchandise, to say the least.

    Take for instance the official NJPW jorts! And Hello Kitty being eaten by the lion! And then there's this...

    Last week I asked what you thought of the announcement that Rian Johnson would be directing and writing Star Wars VIII and you answered yay.

    The Stuff Wet Dreams Are Made OfCollapse )
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    Jun. 25th, 2014 @ 09:15 am Wednesday Walk Around the Web

    • This week on SmackDown, Big E Langston still doesn't like Putin.

    • Sea monsters on old maps are bloody fascinating.
    • Sherlock Holmes is in the public domain, meaning that anyone can make new works with the character or any other aspects of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's contributions without paying his estate. (For what it's worth, the bit about fanfic at the end of the article is extremely ill-considered -- the legal status of fanfic is interesting and a bit murky, but of little import to actual fanfic writers. Nobody's waiting for Star Trek or The Hunger Games to reach the public domain. Many companies and estates decide not to go after it because the pursuit would be too expensive and would prove alienating to fans.)
    • The Nipple Artist uses the art of tattooing to help breast cancer survivors. (NSFW, for some shots of his work)
    • Last week, thanks in large part to the grit & determination of one awesome woman, the US Patent & Trademark Office came through in a big way in a ruling against the Washington Racists.
    • Friend of the Walk Steve Rogers would like to check in with a cautionary tale about dormant websites: "Many months ago I found this application called Save On Brew that would locate sales on alcoholic beverages. Most likely an aggregation service of stores websites and whatnot. I use it for the first time in many months today and nothing comes up in terms of sales on beer. NOTHING, as if no local stores were selling beer today, or ever. The site looks quite active, or deceptively active I should say, but I go to the link for their Facebook page and it says in the second status update on the page that they ceased operations in late December! Hey, their right, and they said that it just wasn't a profitable business model, but still, a note on the main page and the application would have been nice!" At least they had a note up somewhere, but really, it should be more of a matter of course to have some notice everywhere you've tried to reach people for your ventures. Tsk tsk.
    • RIP Gerry Goffin.
    • The FXFL is a new developmental football league that plans to launch this fall and play a short season, providing a platform for players left in the middle between the college ranks and the NFL.
    • In Russia, there's a diamond mine a mile wide. You can't fly a helicopter over it. And the photos are amazing.
    • Continuing our globe-trotting ways, in Cherrapunji, India, people have cultivated living bridges by directing tree roots across rivers.
    • Finland provides a baby starter kit to expectant parents, with great results across its society.
    • Meanwhile in England, Rupert Grint is basically the best.
    • Meanwhile in Irish football (who knew?), defensive lineman Shane McNulty of the Dundalk Mavericks recently secured a 93-yard touchdown. A word, however, for mister number 22: a particularly large member of your team has just sprinted 93 yards -- I know you're happy, but maybe don't jump on his back?
    • The chain restaurant menu is a carefully-crafted thing.
    • Mechanical watches are still kicking.
    • The stretch Delorean is real. Oh yes, it's real.
    • The International Space Station will soon have home-brewed coffee.
    • This text conversation is long, but so very, very worth it.
    • From Esquire: toward a ruleset for giving eulogies. It's a hard thing. It can feel like a selfish thing, since all you really have to go on is the portion of the person's life that involved you. It's been a year since my mom died, and I'm not sure it was for the best that I didn't work up a proper eulogy at the time.
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    Jun. 24th, 2014 @ 08:50 pm cWo's Top 25 Franchise List: Part 5 (#5-1)
    The grand finale...Collapse )
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    Jun. 23rd, 2014 @ 07:14 pm WOTW: The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust
    I keep reading about a "stardust" in WWE and kept thinking of this...

    This portion of the WOTW has been brought to you by...

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    Jun. 20th, 2014 @ 04:10 pm The Fiesta Hotline
    I have no ideas for gimmicks this week, so let's hear some words that rhyme with Fiesta!

    1. Siesta


    Ah, screw it, here's Cody Rhodes Stardust at Slamboree 1995.

    Last week I asked you what the best part of the World Cup was, and you answered nothing.

    I hope you and I can get married somedayCollapse )
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    Jun. 18th, 2014 @ 09:07 am Wednesday Walk Around the Web

    • This week's SmackDown soilers bring some expected developments, including a big six man tag.

    • It's pretty likely that these dreams have crossed the minds of many readers.
    • Jon Bois writes sports articles the way they should be written. (If you care to any degree and in any amount about US football and haven't read his Breaking Madden series, start at the bottom of the archive and read them all. Trust me.)
    • RIP Ruby Dee.
    • The Jacksonville Jaguars are taking out 9500 seats in their home stadium to install luxury decks with pools. Okay then. (Warning: autoplay video)
    • If you've ever wondered what my sense of humor is (and really, why would you), it can be imagined as the tension of a string tied at one end to the most innocent, silly puns there are and at the other end to Cuil Theory.
    • Congratulations to the new United States Poet Laureate!
    • There's a significant black market in dinosaur bones.
    • What gives books their distinct smells?
    • The Roman poet Catullus wrote one poem so explicit that no English translations were published until just a few decades ago.
    • The anniversary of Dock Ellis' acid-fueled no-hitter recently passed, and it's still a hell of a story.
    • This Week in Street Art: finally, our neighborhoods are watched by our finest heroes.
    • Kitty litter became a consumer product because of a split-second substitution, and is also used to house nuclear waste.
    • A lot of headlines have flown around recently declaring that the Turing Test has been passed. Not so fast.
    • You can actually make a .zip file that contains itself infinitely. Finally, we've realized the dreams of Phil Katz.
    • One pseudonymous internet commenter on grief: "I wish I could say you get used to people dying. I never did. I don’t want to. ... I don’t want it to be something that just passes. My scars are a testament to the love and the relationship that I had for and with that person. And if the scar is deep, so was the love. So be it. Scars are a testament to life."
    • Public water can be analyzed in real time to detect residual traces of drugs. So that's exciting.
    • Pixeltrek allows you to roam the corridors of the Enterprise-D and go where you wish -- just don't bother the Andorian in the bathroom.
    • Joel Micah Harris' DeviantArt page is a treasure trove of superhero manatees.
    • KROOOOOOOOOWE brings news of a car that, if all goes according to plan, will truly travel at ludicrous speed.
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    Jun. 17th, 2014 @ 09:56 pm Late Like a Franchise List
    WOTW has been pre-empted to Tuesday night, due to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on the USA Network. Damn those pooches!


    Season 6 Weekly Winners: Paul Heyman, El Torito, Hornswoggle, Seth Rollins, Titty Master Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Kyle O'Reilly, Seth Rollins, Luke Harper

    This week's voters: Steve, An-Day, Overcommitter, HMC, Glenn, Scott

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    Jun. 13th, 2014 @ 02:05 pm Blame It on Rio
    Fast kicking, low scoring, and ties? You betcha! The World Cup is here, the one time every four years where we get to determine which is the greatest nation on Earth: Mexico or Portugal!

    All of our favorite stars will be in Rio, like Ariaga! And Ariaga II! Bariaga! Aruglia! And Pizzoza! And they'll all be signing autographs!

    Last week I asked you if the Wachowski Brothers were a one-hit-wonder, and you answered Ignore Andy and Post Boobs.

    Blame It on Rio is a movie, not a Simpsons referenceCollapse )
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    Jun. 11th, 2014 @ 08:57 am Wednesday Walk Around the Web

    • This week on SmackDown, Paul Heyman has a couple of things he'd like to tell you.

    • If the human race goes belly up, and another civilization arrives or evolves on earth in the far future, their paleontologists will be able to tell when we were here by the presence of our plastics.
    • Sexism is so inculcated and so stupid that it leads to people not taking hurricanes with stereotypically female names as seriously as hurricanes with stereotypically male names.
    • Okay, we're getting pretty heavy right at the start here. Let's take a break to look at pigeons trying to fly in microgravity.
    • Let's take in a night at the orchestra too.
    • This Week in Live Streams: the International Space Station has cameras trained on the Earth -- plain old HD cameras (relatively speaking, since they are after all IN SPACE), not the sort you'd find on spy satellites or anything -- and you can catch the view any time.
    • The 2015 NFL draft is leaving Radio city Music Hall. I guess MSG would be fine, but the draft just wouldn't be the same without all the Giants & Jets fans in attendance.
    • What should you do if people won't stop butting into your life and badgering you about settling down and getting married? The Walk-approved solution is to buy a mannequin family and take some vacation photos.
    • Bill Watterson returned to the comics last week for a brief turn in Pears Before Swine. Between this and the poster Watterson drew for Stripped, this is a banner year for sure.
    • Surely there are a lot of sports teams that could use some genuine comic book guidance.
    • We recently celebrated Tetris Day; there's no bad time to brush off your USB NES controller and fire up an emulator -- or even, bless you, hook up your real life NES again -- so get going.
    • A Russian edition of The Lord of the Rings had medieval-style illustrations by Sergey Yuhimov, and they're fantastic.
    • KROOOOOOOOOWE brings us news of some new concept images for NASA's theoretical faster-than-light ship...and it's a ring ship! Can we really get the XCV-330??
    • In a sixteenth-century German artillery manual, you will find rocket-strapped cats, which is funny and all, but there's much more to it than that.
    • In western China, researchers have found the oldest known pair of pants.
    • When you buy an old space suit, all of your home photos look better.
    • The Tabber writes in to provide a couple of filmic notes. First, it may surprise you to know just how deeply algorithms govern your everyday experiences, and what they might predict. Second, let's infographic it up for the thirtieth anniversary of Ghostbusters.
    • Because we live in a world of modern conveniences, you can use the format of a dating app to find a new pet.
    • You're Getting Old is disappointingly-framed (age is just a number that describes how old you are), but provides some interesting milestones of your life.
    • This Week in High-End Versions of Everything: ice. Says the CEO of the company making luxury ice cubes: "the people who I was marketing to were not necessarily affected by the recession." Yeah, I bet.
    • Look from the inside, and musical instruments can look like great halls.
    • Comic Book Cartography collects maps and diagrams of lairs, secret enclaves, and geographic regions.
    • There's a program being proposed in a region of Italy to cut prisoners' sentences by three days for each book they read, up to sixteen books in a year.
    • This past weekend, a child watched Star Wars for the first time and live-blogged it. Empire and Jedi follow. It's hard to imagine this is real, because who can possibly come to Star Wars this fresh? Who has spent even as few as nineteen years anywhere within Western culture's sphere of influence and not either seen Star Wars or absorbed so many of its tropes that little of it is actually new? (I mean, I haven't seen The Godfather, but I know what the ding-dang thing is about.) Even so, this is a fun trifle.
    • The history of cats in Europe and associated regions is about as wild and horrible as many other kinds of history, but it does give rise to the following passage: "Muhammad is quoted as saying that 'a love of cats is an aspect of faith.' There [are] also stories of the prophet allowing a cat to give birth on his cloak and cutting off the sleeve of his prayer robe where his beloved cat Meuezza was sleeping rather than wake her. This admiration alone made the cat a villain to medieval Christians who were suspicious of both Muslims and cleanliness."
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    Jun. 9th, 2014 @ 11:33 pm Obligatory WOTW Post
    Uhhh... I am too busy working too many jobs this week to care about wrasslin, so thanks to those that did care enough to vote. I feel like that Jamaican family on In Living Color- "I have thurteen jobs!"


    Read more...Collapse )
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    Jun. 8th, 2014 @ 08:52 pm cWo Top 25 Movie Franchises List, Part 4
    Part four...

    The Amazing Franchise ListCollapse )
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