So the big event is tonight, which probably would have been cooler if they just had an 8-man style KOTR tournament.... where's Brock? Isn't he mad he still hasn't won his belt back? Why isn't there a tag team elimination match either?

Anyhow. Here are some of my favorite matches from this once-great event that's lost it's lustre.

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Guys, I'm not sure what to do about this.... 3 weeks ago we had two voters. I was busy that night and was going to post it the next day but forgot, which then turned into making it a double post the following week. That Monday came around and we only had two voters again. Yet again, I forgot. Last week no one voted. Same as this weekend. So... I guess interest has pretty dried up. I feel like it had been limping along anyway.

So any ideas of what to do? We're really not posting anything anymore, although I do enjoy reading Basement Joe's 60's and 70's album rankings.

WOTW: is this thing on?

Daniel Bryan & Samoa Joe; Kane & Roman Reigns; Sami Zayn & Bobby Fish; Sami Zayn; Cesaro; Sasha Banks & Samoa Joe; Kevin Owens; Kevin Owens; Kevin Owens; Kevin Owens; Shinsuke Nakamura & Brock Lesnar; Finn Balor

Week 13 voters: Glennie, An-Day, Overcommitter, Jawas

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WOTW: Double Whammy Edition

Sorry bros, last Monday I traveled roughly two hours north to watch Jim Adkins (of Jimmy Eat World) perform acoustic. It was a good time. Meant to post WOTW later but then I slipped at work and bruised my hip, so I just went to bed early one night..then another night I saw the new Terminator movie. Well, I'm just full of excuses, aren't I??

Now I've got a ticket to see Van Halen on tour later this month. First saw them in 2012 and it was amazing. Just when I didn't think that could possibly be topped, well now I saw their set list from last night and they've pulled some old tunes from out of the vault. I hope I get to hear this one...

So what is YOUR favorite Van Halen song??

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Late Holiday Fiesta

Welcome to the Fiesta! Sorry to break up the thrilling discussion and record amount of posts, but I feel it was time for a new thread.

This should have been posted BEFORE all of the American holiday festivities, but of course Reddit (where I get all of these links I copy and paste into this column) decided to black itself out because some admin got fired. Now, I COULD have gone and gathered the links myself, but why work when someone else does it for you?

Last week I asked you what current event you wanted Ben Affleck to make a movie about, and you answered something foreign and un-American.

  • Box Office News: People are still flocking to theaters to find out the fate of the British Assistant character in Jurassic World
  • Check out new trailers for Creed, The Secret In Their Eyes, and more!
  • In Theaters This Week: Magic Mike XXL and Terminator: Genisys
  • Next Week's Notable DVD Releases: ... literally nothing I've ever heard of

  • In honor of the new Terminator movie, Entertainment Weekly attempts to follow the entire timeline
  • The Church of Scientology is threatening anyone who attempts to show a new Scientology documentary
  • Zack Snyder is still defending Man of Steel's ending
  • This Week in Sequel News: Top Gun 2 is confirmed
  • Now you have even more of a reason to visit Peter Jackson's house
  • Even Terminator: Genisys higher-ups think the trailers gave too much away
  • Mortal Kombat and Enter The Dragon are the exact same movie
  • cWo


    A buddy of mine who's a HUGE Motorhead fan told me he's been waiting for another US tour so he can finally see them. They'll be at the Pageant in St. Louis in September and I said I'm in. I mean, I should probably start saving more money soon, but hell, Lemmy's a legend. I forst heard of them through that Metallica cover album, Garage Inc., then later the WWF theme songs for Triple H. I do like some of their own stuff... BUT, I also like that venue The Pageant a lot. I'd say it might be my favorite venue, so I feel like it's a necessary trip.

    ANYWAY... On with the show.

    This week's bros: Glennie, Scott, The OC, Jawas

    Daniel Bryan & Samoa Joe; Kane & Roman Reigns; Sami Zayn & Bobby Fish; Sami Zayn; Cesaro; Sasha Banks & Samoa Joe; Kevin Owens; Kevin Owens; Kevin Owens
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    Sorry for last week's absence. I was housesitting for my parents and had a million things to do and literally forgot about the column until Monday morning. Been dealing with malware lately too. My dumb ass downloaded some shit a few weeks back and despite using 8 billion malware removal tools, the crap keeps coming back. TECHNOLOGYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

    Two weeks ago I asked if you want Tron 3, and you answered no.

  • Box Office News: Jurassic World sets the record for the largest opening weekend ever
  • Trailer Time: Check out new trailers for Kung Fu Panda 3, Sicario, and more!
  • In Theaters This Week: Dope and Inside Out
  • Next Week's Notable DVD Releases: The Forger and Survivor

  • Cancer sucks
  • San Diego Comic Con has become too mainstream for several movie studios
  • As you read in this week's Wednesday Walk, China just got the Star Wars movies for the first time. My personal favorite part of this article is the quotes from the moviegoers referring to the cast as "ugly"
  • Speaking of Star Wars, Forest Whitaker is on his way to the GFFA
  • Come with me if you enjoy charity
  • LEO and Warner Brothers will be teaming to bring us a film version of a popular Japanese graphic novel
  • Halloween returns in Halloween Returns
  • Ten years (!) after the release of Batman Begins, take a look at what we were supposed to get instead

    No poll this week because lazy.